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Investor Categories


MIC-IN-A-BOX presents a compelling opportunity for investors seeking fully secured mortgage offerings. Our primary focus revolves around capital preservation and providing a steady income source, all backed by Canadian residential and commercial real estate. These properties undergo meticulous risk underwriting to ensure the utmost safety for your investment.

With a seasoned management team boasting extensive experience and a firm commitment to low-risk strategies, we are empowered to fulfill our objectives effectively. We provide a diverse array of investment options; each carefully curated to deliver promising returns and bolster your financial security.

  • Capital preservation,
  • Higher risk-adjusted returns,
  • Stable, reliable and predictable dividend distribution.

Summary of Terms


Mortgages share many characteristics of a high-yield, interest-bearing bond, yet are secured by real property. Recognizing the predictable income and unique diversification benefits of these investments, our clients typically allocate 5%-10% of their portfolio to this asset class, in addition to a real estate equity strategy.

We employ a variety of investment strategies to create conservative portfolios of high-yield mortgages. Combining our expertise in mortgage sourcing, underwriting, and structuring with rigorous due diligence, we create opportunities for institutional investors to invest in MIC. We deliver above-average, risk-adjusted returns from investments in commercial and residential mortgages and real estate.

  • Focused strategy: We achieve superior risk-adjusted returns while minimizing exposure to interest-rate risk by funding short-term, Commercial, and residential mortgages of quality properties.
  • Investment oversight: Governance and compliance with investment policies is provided through an investment committee and Board of Directors.
  • Preferred returns: We target attractive risk-adjusted returns.
  • Aligned Interest: MIC structure aligns management interests with that of our investors.
  • Comprehensive reporting: We provide audited annual financial statements, quarterly performance reports, and semi-annual procedures audits. Our technology platform also gives you real-time visibility of our portfolio and performance.

Our clients include Endowment funds – families, Churches, Temples, Schools, foundations, and pension funds.

To explore the benefits of investing in a portfolio of high-yield commercial and residential mortgages, please contact our investor relation department to learn more: investorrelations@micinabox.ca.


Your client: In search of safe, predictable, and reliable returns, some investors invest in fixed income products such as GICs, government and corporate bonds at 1-3% per annum and high-yield savings accounts that pay 0.75% per annum. As a result, the demand to invest in mortgage funds such as MIC that returns upwards of 6.5%, has increased dramatically.

Earning Potential: Instead of the 0.2-0.3% annual trailer from your portfolio, you can participate in your co-management program by allocating about 10%-20% of your fixed income portfolio to earn about 2% of the investment face value annually.

Technology and Support: Our technology allows you and your client access to our back–office operations for their portfolios and real time reporting. These resources let you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time where you want to spend it.

Please contact our investor relation department to learn more: investorrelations@micinabox.ca

High net worth investors are increasingly adopting a multi-asset class approach to managing and protecting their wealth. Commercial and residential mortgages are ideally suited to this strategy, as they share many characteristics of a high yield bond yet are secured by tangible real property in Canada.

We manage real estate and mortgage portfolios on behalf of Family Offices, Endowment, Foundations, and private Pension Plans. Our services can be integrated with existing wealth management strategy, and ca customize the reporting schedule. An investment in a discretionary portfolio of commercial and residential mortgages is uniquely designed to include:

  • Superior risk-adjusted returns,
  • Consistent and predictable income,
  • Capital preservation while maintaining ready access to capital,
  • Ventures not appropriate for conservative mortgage funds or strategies,
  • Access to markets and investments is typically not available to individual investors.

Please contact our investor relation department to learn more: investorrelations@micinabox.ca

Quick And Easy Access To A Diversified Portfolio.

MIC-In-A-BOX offers a lucrative and secure avenue for individuals, groups, and institutional investors to engage in real estate investments. Functioning as a Mortgage Investment Corporation, MIC-In-A-BOX presents a well-structured platform comprising a diverse portfolio of mortgage loans, all backed by tangible properties in Canada. By participating in this unique opportunity, investors can reap several key advantages, including:

  • Registered plan (RRSP/RRIF/TFSA) eligible,
  • Redemption rights at any time – See Offering Memorandum,
  • Diversification for investor’s stock and bond portfolios,
  • Management fee aligned with investment performance,
  • Quarterly income distribution or DRIP on a quarterly basis,
  • Properties are in Ontario and other Canadian cities,
  • Low correlation between other asset classes benefits your clients’ portfolios,
  • No loans are permitted to officers, directors, employees, or managers of the Fund,
  • Fully diversified – by location, property types, sponsors type, and type of mortgages.