Generating superior risk-adjusted returns through rigorous due diligence.


Active Real Estate Investment management that optimizes returns.

Our primary objective is to safeguard investors’ capital while ensuring a steady and reliable quarterly income distribution. We achieve this by maintaining a well-diversified portfolio of meticulously underwritten mortgage loans.

Capital Preservation

The fundamental objective of MIC is to provide a safe investment that preserves investors capital, by investing in a well-underwritten, diversified portfolio of mortgages and real estate including residential, and commercial properties in Canada.

Dividend Distribution

The mandate of MIC is to provide investors with a consistent quarterly income source secured by a portfolio of mortgages and real estate that are prudently underwritten to safeguard investor capital.  MIC makes a consistent quarterly distribution to investors, and investors may choose to participate in our dividend reinvestment plan.

Tax Efficiency

MIC intention is to qualify as a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) annually to be tax exempt. MIC will distribute 100% of its annual net income before taxes to investors in the form of interest income and capital gain.

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